Bioelectrochemical Society International Society of Electrochemistry


BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY-2005 will take place from 19-24 June 2005, in Coimbra, Portugal.

This will be a Joint Meeting of two International Societies:
XVIII International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics of the Bioelectrochemical Society (BES) and
3rd Spring Meeting: Bioelectrochemistry of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE).

Bioelectrochemistry includes a broad variety of scholarly approaches leading to a better understanding of all living things at the macroscopic, microscopic/single-cell and nanoscopic/molecular level, with beneficial applications in medicine, agriculture, industry, and ecology.

The Conference features all aspects of the highly interdisciplinary area of bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics, with contributions from the disciplines of biophysics, biotechnology and medical biophysics, and hopes to bring together scientists working at the frontiers of bioelectrochemistry and electrophysiological research.

In the name of the Scientific Organising Committee of the joint BES/ISE Bioelectrochemistry Meeting, I cordially invite you to participate.

   Ana Maria Oliveira Brett